언젠간 행복해지겠죠

단채널, 3분 56초, 2008

대치초등학교, 대청중학교, 숙명여자고등학교, 서울대학교, 이화여자대학교, 타워펠리스, 테헤란로, 여의도 증권가, 사랑의 교회.

소위 말하는 성공과 행복의 잣대에 부합하는 장소들.

생의 궁극적인 목적, 그 끝엔 행복이 있다. <언젠간 행복해지겠죠>는 트라우마로 남은 성장 과정, 일상에서 겪은 부조리, 불안, 불편함을 모티브 삼아 행복에 대해 역설하는 작업이다. 공공 혹은 개인이 공유하는 동시대의 시간성과 공간성의 맥락에 따라 혹은 축적된 경험과 기억에 따라 다르게 스칠 수 있도록 ‘언젠간 행복해지겠죠’라고 텍스트를 변형, 행복과 성공에 대해 생각해 볼만한 다양한 장소들에 게릴라 방식으로 설치하여 심리적인 풍경을 조성하고자 했다. <언젠간 행복해지겠죠>는 부조리한 일상과 사회가 맞닿는 경계를, 그리고 ‘지금 여기’ 재생되고 있는 삶들의 여러 층위들을 탐색하고 응시하여 의식적으로 고찰하려는 시도이자, 작은 건드림의 기록이다.




might be happy someday

single channel video 3min 56 sec, 2008

Daechi Elementary School, Daecheong Middle School, Sookmyung Girl’s High School, Seoul National University, Ewha Womans University, Tower Palace, Teheran-ro, Yeoeuido Stock Street, Sarang Church, Seoul, KR

A performance in which actors wearing a T-shirt stand in the middle of the street where pedestrians are walking by in places that meet the criteria of so-called success and happiness.

I have a trauma in the harsh education environment. When I was fourteen, I suddenly transferred to another middle school in Daechi-dong, Gangnam in Seoul. Daechi-dong is one of a region known as a symbol of wealth and high educational fever in Korea. When I first moved there I felt like a complete outsider, and I was treated as a stranger in class. I couldn’t adjust because of the peculiar atmosphere of Daechi-dong. For example, most students there acted as if their parent’s wealth, glory, and power are all theirs. Also, many student's dreams were decided passively according to parents’ wishes. School life was full of excessive competition. That one year changed my own values and character and made my daily life and relationship with people unfamiliar.


After that, when I was 20, One day, I saw an interview in a magazine that a 14-year-old student living in Daechi-dong. Same as me. The article’s title was I don’t want to live in Daechi-dong . At the end of the interview, the reporter asked her. “Are you happy now?” She said. “Later, I’ll be happy.”


The answer made me think deeply. She is young and she has a right to enjoy her lifetime. In a harsh educational environment, she lost a freedom as her age. I wanted to change her words and make the words to be read in a various way and depending on different perspectives of each person. I want each own stories in people’s mind to be a trigger in various contexts.